20V Li-Ion Garden Tools

the single powerful 20V battery fits all.
All the tools use the same lithium-ion technology rechargeable battery, which is easier in your pocket, and means you won’t have to find storage space for lots of chargers.You’ll only invest in one battery and one charger.

Power Source: Lithium-ion Battery Capacity: 1.3/1.5/2.0Ah
Battery Voltage: 20V Net Weight: 2.22kg (Without charger&battery)
Cutting Width: 250mm Color Box: 970x235x105 mm/pc
Spool Spec: Ø1.4mm Shipping Box: 990x490x230 mm/4pcs
Cutting System: Auto single-Line Feed 20'GP/40'GP/40'HC: 872/1920/2112 pcs
No Load Speed: 8500rpm
Height Adjustment: 0-200mm
Power Source: Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage: 20V 20V
No Load Speed: 12500rpm 1200rpm
Length Of Tube: approx 18.9 in -
Area Of Air-outlet: 793 mm² -
Max Air Speed: 130mph -
Max Air Flow: 105cfm -
Effective Cutting Length: - 500mm Punching(20 in)
Max Cutting Width: - 16mm(5/8 in)
Net Weight: 1.67kg (without battery & charger) 2.48kg (without battery & charger)
Color Box: 970x235x105 mm/pc 925x180x170 mm/pc
Shipping Box: 990x490x230 mm/4pcs 935x360x420 mm/4pcs
20'GP/40'GP/40'HC: 872/1920/2112 pcs 888/1800/2100 pcs
Power Source: Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage: 20V 20V
No Load Speed: 1200rpm 3300rpm
Chain Sprocket Speed: - 5m/s
Oil Tank Capacity: - 60ml
Cutting Length: 500mm -
Tooth Space: 16mm -
Telescopic Range: 1.25-1.85m 2.28m-2.88m
Bar Length: - 200mm(8")
Color Box: 1230x170x170 mm/pc 1210x220x110 mm/pc
Shipping Box: 1250x360x360 mm/4pcs 1230x460x240 mm/4pcs
20'GP/40'GP/40'HC: 672/1416/1652 pcs 792/1676/1860 pcs